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Amelia and Larry

because that girl at the end just isn't the same

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because that girl at the end just isn't the same
This is a fansite run by 10millionpeople for the pairing of Amelia Earhart and Larry Daley in the second Night at the Museum movie- Battle of the Smithsonian. First, the rules are simple and I would appreciate it if you would look over them.

[x]Please don't post fanfiction/graphics/exc here for other fandoms/NatM/NatM2 other than that pertaining to Amelia and Larry together, or seperate.
[x]When posting a large, multi-fandom graphic spam, include all fandoms not/not related to NatM or NatM2.
[x]Make sure to lj-cut all graphic posts and fics, basically anything long so not to spam up anyone's friends page.
[x]When posting things with adult content/course language, make a warning notice and lj-cut the rest.
[x]Respect other people's rules. If they say comment before you take, then acknowledge that.
[x]Advertise (:

So, PM 10millionpeople if you have any questions, and have fun (:

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